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By Pawan from Pathankot,punjab,India on 2014-05-15
it is best for all type of video.a good camera in very low price with low weight.
By Lars from N on 2014-05-14
Fantastic camera! Coming from EX1r this is a step up in quality. Love it.
Great supplier, fast shipment, good communication.
Will do business with them again :-)
By jeremy from nairobi on 2014-05-13
great piece of equipment
By Terje from Norway on 2014-05-13
However, the feedback of the cameras is only positive.
Thank you.
By Rob from The Netherlands on 2014-05-10
Great battery's
By Mittler from Italy on 2014-05-09
Nice product for the price. I have tested it with a Canon HF G10 camcorder. It works really well. The zoom lever is soft and comfortable to operate, the zoom speed is proportional to the lever pressure. The REC-START red pushbutton also works as expected with my camera.
The button and lever operations are absolutely silent, no clicks or plastics noise that could be picked-up and recorded by the camera mic.
By Marjan from Skopje, Macedonia on 2014-05-07
Love it
By matt from Sydney, Australia on 2014-05-07
Works great to power our 5D Mark II rig. Powers our DSLR for a whole day.
By matt from Sydney, Australia on 2014-05-07
Works great for our 5D Mark II rig! Provides great adapters to power our camera and monitor. Took a few goes for the camera to start working initially - and then has worked flawlessly ever since.
By Dolo from London on 2014-05-04
Very good - bought these instead of np1's for more
power and to keep just under the new flight regulations
for lithium ion batteries in planes/carry on luggage. Did a
Couple of days of interviews powered my Sonosax sxr4 a
Radio mic and a p48 mic all day and the led's showed
full power at the end of the day.. Wow
By Andy Mitchell from London on 2014-05-01
Does exactly what I wanted to! Was shooting for about 2 hours straight and the battery indicator only went down by a quarter. Charger works well along with the d-tap for my Blackmagic. Overall, very happy.
By Longwire from Finland on 2014-05-01
My friend was very surprised and thankful for the good service from
Globalmediapro. The videorecorder, Panasonic NV-HS 950, have been
repaired on the local representative, but they could`nt find spareparts
via the European dealer. I am only an "consult" for this kind of
questions, -no longer active technician.
By Tayren Gorden from Malaysia on 2014-04-27
This Camcorder not for beginner User, but for Professional user also comment is very EXCELLENT Work So Best Camera And very low wight and live time battery friendly maintenance. Use for In Local Wedding Videography, Telemovie, etc.. Perfect Condition Function and menu setting.
By El from Malaysia on 2014-04-27
Good but requires a powerful computer and xqd cards.
By billu digital video from new zealand on 2014-04-26
very good service thanks
By Cedric from Suisse / Lausanne on 2014-04-25
Cette camera est de très bonne qualité professionnel.
la qualité de l'image est surprenante.
Le plus est la profondeur de champ qui est d'entrée de gamme et les trois bague sur l'objectif sont parfaites.
Battery Life Quality 0f Camera
By Tayren Gorden from Malaysia on 2014-04-18
I cannot recommend these enough. If you do multiple-camera jobs like weddings, concerts, events and the like, thing First for beginner.
Also can try Panasonic HC-MDH2 AVCHD Camcorder PAL is BETTER Excellent pictures in HD (1920x1080)Great video stabilization and Panasonic Battery life is excellent more than 6 hours for .

Professional VideoGraphy
By Suren from Kyrgyzstan on 2014-04-18
Very stable and easy to use stand.
Great working with Sony fx100 and fx700, Mark III etc.
By Kevin Walton from Auckland, New Zealand on 2014-04-13
I received my DataVideo DN-60A recorder today along with the 128Gb CF Card. Thanks for that.

The setup of the device was actually quite simple; it comes with a clear 9 step quick-start guide, and if you follow it carefully, then getting started is actually quite easy and you can be up and running within about 10 minutes.

Where I ran into trouble was in getting the footage from the device into my computer for editing. I mistakenly assumed that if I plugged the device into my PC's Firewire port, that it would be recognised as a Firewire storage device and allow you to read the video data files directly from the card via the device.

Instead, it was recognised as a Firewire video recorder, so in order to get the footage from the device into the computer, it meant that I had to start up Adobe Premiere and attempt to 'capture' the footage from the device by playing the footage back into the computer (much like I would from MiniDV cassette, which kind of defeats the purpose of the device).

Having tried this with HDV footage, the captured footage was unplayable; it had all kind of digital distortion all through it, it basically locked up on the the first frame and was utterly useless. The audio was fine though.

I then attempted the same with DV footage; it played back and captured much better, but near the end of a 20 second clip it suddenly jumped and skipped a second or two of the original footage before continuing to the end of the clip.

I was starting to get that horrible sinking feeling of having possibly flushed nearly NZ$2k down the toilet, when I decided to do a little more online research to see if there was a solution to the problem; after all, everything I'd read so far said that you could ingest the raw video files directly into the PC without having to go through tedious capturing processes, which meant that I should surely have been getting an external storage device showing up on my PC. Then I struck gold; I found a review which included the comment, "you must purchase a separate card reader for your PC". So, off down to a shop I went and purchased a Multi-Format Card Reader for NZ$49.95, returned to my office, inserted the CF card into the new reader, connected it to my PC and WHA-LA!! There was my CF card complete with the raw files which play back absolutely perfectly! :-)

Oh, also, one step that I've read that a lot of people seem to forget - before you eject the CF Card from the DN-60A, you must go to "Tools" > "Make Media Files". This will take a short time to process and it just finalizes all the clips ready to be read by a PC. If you forget to do this, the PC won't be able to recognise any of the files.

Something else I have learned is that the device does not yet appear to recognise CF Card capacities above 64Gb and, according to their online FAQ, also only supports up to UDMA6, 133MB/s cards. I got the 128Gb UDMA7 160MB/s card; it does still work with this card, however it is only recognising it as being 64Gb (although, when I connect it to the PC, it is showing up as 128Gb, so it may yet be possible that the device's display only goes up to 64Gb and that it will still hold a full 128Gb of footage; will have to wait and see on that one). The speed isn't really an issue as HDV footage only has a bit rate of 40MB/s anyway; the extra speed comes in handy for reading back via the external card reader.

I don't know if this is something that happens with all cameras or if it's just mine; I'm using both a Sony HVR-FX1E and a Sony HVR-Z1P and on both of them, while I'm recording with the DN-60A, not using the Sync-to-Tape option, if I start recording to MiniDV tape on the camera (as a backup to what I'm recording on the DN-60A), the recording on the DN-60A pauses for about a second while the tape recording kicks in, so on playback of the file, there is a 1 second jump in the footage. There is no affect on the DN-60A's footage when I stop the MiniDV recording, only when I start recording. This happens whether I'm using the camera's "Quick Record" setting or not.

It's not a biggie, but just something to be aware of, so that if you are recording something lengthy such as a wedding ceremony for example, and you run out of tape on the MiniDV and have to make a tape-change, perhaps wait for a moment in the ceremony (or whatever you're recording) when it might be ok to lose 1 second of time in the footage on the DN-60A before hitting the record button to resume MiniDV recording.

Kevin Walton
ADROiT Weddings
By kndmateo from Granada, España on 2014-04-12
No conocía esta web y me decidí con mucho miedo por el modo de pago que tienen. Todo es perfecto y llega en perfecto estado.
La cámara graba genial y una calidad excelente.
Inconvenientes: la pantalla la encuentro pequeña
By sacchi mario from titolare on 2014-04-12
X l'apparecchio non ho commenti da fare,sono soddisfatto.
By pierre from Luxembourg on 2014-04-07
Excellent produit que je connaissais plus ou moins par rapport aux différents sites, en faisant également des comparaisons avec d'autres appareils du même type.
Aussi, la communication avec Globalmediapro via mail a été vraiment très bien ainsi que le délai de livraison avec le suivi du colis.
Aucun reproche, tout c'est vraiment bien passé.
By KiwiLanka from Hamilton - New Zealand on 2014-04-06
Excellent keyboard with fantastic features which can make an amateur sound like a professional and certainly value for money when purchased through globalmediapro.
By 2Video from Taupo NZ on 2014-03-29
Works brilliantly, so much easier than using a separate battery supply
By Ramiz from Kosovo on 2014-03-28
We are very satisfied with the Globalmediapro staff.
The purchase we bought arrived in time.
By Philippe from Igny, France on 2014-03-28

Very good Camcorder Case

Thank you

Best Regards

By mtahiro from Malaysia on 2014-03-28
By BH from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 2014-03-24
Good product, does exactly what it needs to do.

Highly recommended!
Globalmediapro Li160S V-Mount Battery
By BH from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 2014-03-24
A good battery at a cost that is very attractive.

Overall quality is very good and definitely recommend.

Use this to power my F3 and Odyssey 7Q.
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