Globalmediapro updates

May 2023: Globalmediapro introduces the new Version II of our popular, cost-effective 158Wh V-Mount battery - Li160S-II. Version II boasts a higher power limit of 150W, a current of 12A, and stronger construction. Additionally, it offers a more affordable price point.

November 2018: Globalmediapro releases UV510A PTZ cameras.

October 2017: Globalmediapro introduces a new range of V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries:

Li99SX - high power 99Wh battery
Li160SX - high power 158Wh battery
Li190SU - high power 190Wh battery with USB
Li190BSU - high power 192Wh buddy battery system with USB
Li200BSU - high power 198Wh buddy battery system with USB
Li250SX - high power 247Wh battery
Li280SU - high power 280Wh battery with USB

V-Mount, RED camera compatible
Li99SX - high power 99Wh battery with USB
Li160SX - high power 158Wh battery with USB
Li170BSU-R - high power 168Wh buddy battery system with USB
Li250SX - high power 247Wh battery with USB

Gold Mount
Li99AX - high power 99Wh battery with USB
Li160AX - high power 158Wh battery with USB
Li190AU - high power 190Wh battery with USB
Li190BAU - high power 192Wh buddy battery system with USB
Li200BAU - high power 198Wh buddy battery system with USB
Li250AX - high power 247Wh battery with USB
Li280AU - high power 280Wh battery with USB

December 2014: Globalmediapro releases the Li95U 95Wh (19000mAh) USB battery equipped with videography D-Tap and three USB outputs.

January 2013: Globalmediapro releases the Li75N 75Wh NP-type battery and seven HW (higher power limit) batteries:
Li95A-HW 95Wh battery with Gold Mount
Li160S-HW-R 160Wh battery for Red Cameras (Red One, Epic and Scarlet)
Li160S-HW 160Wh battery with V-Mount
Li160A-HW 160Wh battery with Gold Mount
Li230S-HW-R 230Wh battery for Red Cameras (Red One, Epic and Scarlet)
Li230S-HW 230Wh battery with V-Mount
Li230A-HW 230Wh battery with Gold Mount

160Wh and 230Wh HW batteries are able to power ARRI Alexa. See also : Batteries for ARRI Alexa

May 2012: Globalmediapro releases the Li190BS-R 2 x 95 Wh buddy system and Li95S-HW-R 95Wh battery for Red Cameras (Red One, Epic and Scarlet). These latest members of our R battery range stand out with their travel friendly quality.

October 2011: Globalmediapro R batteries were successfully tested with RED Epic and Scarlet cameras.

June 2011: Globalmediapro (NZ) is sending two top upcoming surfers, Zen and Tane Wallis, to the 2011 ISA World Surfing Championship in Panama. This is the Olympics of surfing where surfers from 30 countries compete for gold medals.

Documenting extreme sports requires the highest standards in professional equipment which is Globalmediapro's specialty. At Globalmediapro (NZ) we appreciate the beauty and lifestyle qualities associated with outdoor sports like surfing. Being competitive and achieving personal excellence are qualities we require in ourselves and encourage in the performances of the sportsmen we sponsor.

December 2010: Globalmediapro launches industry most powerful on-camera batteries (230Wh): V-Lock, V-Lock for Red Camera, Gold mount.

October 2010: Globalmediapro now offers 2 year guarantee on its V-Mount and Gold-Mount Batteries for orders over 20 pcs.

August 2010: Globalmediapro.Com celebrates 10 years online.

May 2010: GMP Batteries Power First DSLR TV Drama
Globalmediapro V-lock batteries have been used to power the first television drama project filmed on DSLR.

The Norwegian show, Dags Univers, is believed to be the first to shoot a complete drama series on a DSLR. The ten-part series is a dark comedy and is currently shooting in Olso. It is scheduled for to air on prime-time in the country later this year.

TVB Europe article
Working with Canon HD-DSLR

March 2010: Globalmediapro has today announced a number of upgrades to its popular website. The new systems will ensure an increased speed of up to 10 times on the company's servers, reduced CPU load for visitor's computers (approximately 3-4 times) and compatibility for viewing on small screen devices including iPhones, handhelds or netbooks.

December 2009: NZ Exporter Magazine describes Globalmediapro as a "trendsetter" in a feature article about the issues faced by internet merchants.

November 2009: New Online Payment Scheme Offers Alternative to Credit Cards.

Innovative e-tailer Globalmediapro has proposed a new payment scheme designed to provide online merchants with an alternative to credit cards.

The scheme would use a modified wire or bank transfer system to provide merchants with the online payment equivalent to credit cards. Currently, online retailers using existing bank transfer methods of payment must wait at least a day for the payment confirmation to appear in their accounts before processing the order. With the new payment system, businesses who register their bank account with SWIFT and receive a SWIFT code will receive a same day payment confirmation message meaning they can process the order without delay.

The proposed scheme offers similar advantages to that of credit cards; in that payment is recognizable, rapid and provides the information need for a safe refund if required.

One of the key differences however is that the payment cannot be charged back without merchant approval.

More details on the scheme can be found here.

October 2009: Sunday Star Times - New Zealand's most read newspaper recently profiled Globalmediapro's unique business model. Read the full article here.

Globalmediapro was also featured in FMCG Magazine (respected grocery trade title) and on popular news sites Scoop and Infonews.

To arrange further media interviews with Globalmediapro on topics such as international payments and online retailing, contact New Zealand public relations agency Impact PR.