Battery for Arri Alexa?

The following Globalmediapro batteries were successfully tested with Arri Alexa:

Li160S-HW - high power 160Wh battery
Li190BS - 190Wh buddy battery system *
Li230S - 230Wh battery
Li230S-HW - high power 230Wh battery

V-Mount, RED camera compatible
Li160S-HW-R - high power 160Wh battery
Li190BS-R - 190Wh buddy battery system *
Li230S-R - 230Wh battery
Li230S-HW-R - high power 230Wh battery

Gold Mount
Li160A-HW - high power 160Wh battery
Li190BA - 190Wh buddy battery system *
Li230A - 230Wh battery
Li230A-HW - high power 230Wh battery

* The key feature of the buddy battery system is its ability to separate into two "travel friendly", 95Wh components. Due to this the battery is accepted by most airlines and is perfect for those who wish to travel with video equipment.