Globalmediapro Li280AU Gold Mount Li-ion Battery 280Wh

Globalmediapro Li280AU Gold Mount Li-ion Battery 280Wh
Replaced with Globalmediapro Li250AX Gold Mount Li-ion Battery 247Wh

Gold Mount 280Wh Li ion battery for professional cameras
D-Tap and USB power connectors
80% higher power limit than Li230A
No memory effect
5 level LED power indicator
Intelligent control and protection circuit
Temperature, current and voltage protection


Outstanding Quality!

To ensure our customers always receive the latest models, Globalmediapro batteries and chargers are not distributed though a long chain of resellers but are shipped directly from the manufacturer to consumers.

All returns are immediately routed to the engineering team, who investigate faults and, as a result, come up with an improved, more reliable product. With years of development invested, we believe these products are of the highest quality available.


Capacity : 280 Wh
Dimensions excluding mount (H x W x D) : 172 x 102 x 63 mm (6.77 x 4.02 x 2.48 in)
Weight approx : 1350 g (2.98 lbs)

1 Gold Mount (output and charging)
1 D-Tap (output and charging)
1 USB A (output only)

Gold Mount and D-Tap specifications
Voltage : 14.4 V
Full voltage : 16.8+/-0.1 V
Cutoff voltage : 11 V
Power limit : 180 W
Maximum current : 15 A

USB output specifications
Voltage (regulated) : 5 V
Maximum current : 1 A

Charging time
- 690 minutes with Globalmediapro SCA2A or SCA4A Gold Mount chargers
- 865 minutes with Globalmediapro SC1 D-Tap charger



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