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Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL

Shaped for Pro-Style Shooting in Full-HD Move up to the shoulder-type preferred by professionals, and shoot in Full-HD or standard image quality in AVCHD format on SD card media.

* Touch-Screen LCD Monitor
* 16.8x Optical Zoom
* iA Inteligent Auto
* SD Memory Card Recording
* 2.7"LCD Monitor

See also: Panasonic HC-MDH2 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
* Shoulder-Type Design
* External Stereo Microphone Included
* Sub Rec. Button & Sub Zoom Lever
* Manual Focus Ring
* Large Eyecup
* Tiltable Viewfinder
* Long Life Battery Included
* Built-in Zoom Microphone
* Full-HD 1920 x 1080 Recording
* HD/Standard Recording in AVCHD Format
* Intelligent 23x Zoom
* Touch Screen 2.7" LCD Monitor
* 35.8mm Wide-Angle
* iA (Intelligent Auto)
* HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer)
* O.I.S. Lock
* Wind Noise Canceller
* SD Memory Card Recording
* Manual Functions for Creative Flexibility

Power Supply (Battery / AC Adapter) : DC7.2V / 9.3V
Power Consumption : Max. 5.0W (Recording)
Weight (w/o Battery) : approx. 1800g
Dimension (W x H x D) : 216 x 224 x 432 [mm]
Media : SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card

Image Sensor

Image Sensor : 1/4.1" MOS
Total Pixels : 3.32 megapixels

Effective Pixels :
Motion Image
1.02 megapixels (Tele) - 1.44 megapixels (Wide) [4:3]
1.36 megapixels (Tele) - 1.92megapixels (Wide) [16:9]
Still Image
1.46 megapixels (Tele) - 2.08megapixels (Wide) [3:2]
1.36 megapixels (Tele) - 1.92megapixels (Wide) [16:9]
1.52 megapixels (Tele) - 2.16 megapixels (Wide) [4:3]

Lens Section

Panasonic Lens : F1.8 (WIDE) / 2.6 (TELE)
Optical Zoom : 16.8x
Focal Length : 2.90-48.7mm

35mm Film camera Equivalent :
35.8-716mm (16:9), 43.9-878mm (4:3) [Motion Image]
35.8-716mm (3:2), 35.8-716mm (16:9), 35.8-716mm (4:3) [Still Image]

Camera Section

Standard Illumination : 1400 lx
Minimum Illumination : 4.0 lx (1/25 Low Light scene mode), 1 lx (Color Night View)
Image Stabilizer : HYBRID O.I.S. [Optical Image Stabilizer] / O.I.S. Lock
Focus : Auto / Manual
White Balance : Auto / Indoor1 / Indoor2 / Sunny / Cloudy / White set

Shutter Speed :
Motion Image [50i] Auto Slow Shutter ON : 1/25-1/8000; OFF : 1/50-1/8000
Still Image 1/2-1/2000, video flash : 1/2-1/500

Iris : Auto / Manual
Zoom : Intelligent Zoom OFF 20x, Intelligent Zoom 23x
Digital Zoom : 50x / 1200x (The maximum value of zoom magnification) Backlight Compensation


Monitor (LCD) : 2.7" Wide LCD ( 230,400 dots)

Still Image

Recording Format : JPEG

Recording Image Size :
Still Picture
2.8 megapixels (2064 x 1376) [3:2]
2.1 megapixels (1920x1080) [16:9]
2.9 megapixels (1952 x 1464), 0.3 megapixels (640 x 480) [4:3]
Simultaneous Recording
2.1 megapixels (1920x1080) [16:9], 0.3 megapixels (640 x 480) [4:3]
2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080) [16:9]
Creating still picture from motion picture
0.2 megapixels (640 x 360) [16:9]
0.3 megapixels (640 x 480) [4:3]

Recording Section

Signal System : 1080 / 50i, 576 / 50i
Compression : AVCHD ; MPEG4-AVC/H.264 (AVCHD standard compliant)

Recording / Playback Mode :
HA (17Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080)
HG (13Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080)
Recording / Playback:
HX (9Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080)
HE (5Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080)
SA (9Mbps / VBR) , (720 x 576)
SX (4.5Mbps / VBR) , (720 x 576)

Audio Compression : Dolby Digital (2ch)
Microphone : 2ch Stereo, Zoom Microphone
Speaker : Dynamic type
Media Remaining Indication


Microphones (stereo mini)
Headphone (stereo mini)
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Video Component


Accessory Shoe : Cold
AC Adaptor
AC Cable
DC Cable
Rechargeable Battery 18WH
AV Cable
Video Component Cable
USB Cable
Software: HD Writer AE 2.5S
External Stereo Microphone
Shoulder Strap
Lens Cap
Stylus Pen
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Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By jimboc from qld Australia on 2015-02-11
I was lucky enough to find one as new for half price..plus a great LED LIGHT. I have shot 2 professional music videos with it and am very happy with the results. My only crtisim is the weight. It is so light that you have to be very careful not to bump or jar it in anyway. Zoom is a bit slow but the camera is an excellent choice for those who dont have deep pockets. It will shoot great video and at a small cost. In one music video I was shooting with a college using a top of the line news camera which he uses every day for live broadcast to the major channels and my video was more than acceptable. It required very little correction in post. This camera is a lot of bang for your buck but you do need a good sturdy tripod and a quality Shotgun mic to achieve the best results.
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By Nalin D. Bhatt from India, Mumbai on 2014-08-11
I am using this camera from 11/2 Year Excellent Result, it is having USB Can-activity its safe to files transfer don't use High speed Cards it my became problems , Use Normal SD Cards i am using Scandisk 32 GB Normal cards its works really good,
HDMI Out Put,nice to transfer the video like 3d image, i am very happy with my Panasonic MDH 1 Light 1.800 KG, Go for it with High Resolutions videos 1980x1080 Nice Video Camera,
Rightly low price for a low-profile cam
By TURI from Shkoder on 2014-02-06
Picture quality is great (for 17 mb/s mpg4) both on HD & SD. Great "Intelligent Contrast" . Bad "Auto WB". nice having many WB presets. Great image stabilization. Very bad Audio Distortion. when you are on ambient with very loud audio, not because the camcorder is defective but because it's very audio sensitive, even if you put the "Set+AGC" on -18 you will still risk a lot of distortion, if you set lower than -18 you will risk losing a lot of low audio. using a mic that can cut some db (when needed) is the only way out of trouble. Absolutely not a pro, missing almost everything, but certainly, for the price, who can claim more.
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By kin from Botswana py on 2013-12-06
the camera picture is superb i am a happy customer.
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By Mosomane G from Botswana, Africa on 2013-10-08
A good camera with very bright and clear pictures. The battery is so small but it takes the whole day long. So far I have taken two long events with this camcorder and I can't complain. Thank you Globalmediapro for you service!
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By WCCC from Botswana on 2013-10-03
it is a very good make we are using it for live service and the result are very good it is to be recommanded
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By Manohar Kammar from Hirebagewadi. Belgaum. India on 2013-09-27
I purchased this cam on 26.3.2012 in Bangalore. This is an exellent professional shoulder mount camera in lowest price, also best for Wedding, Birthday parties, Functions, outdoor shoots etc. Shoots in very lowest light clear picture. No vibration in long zoom shooting.
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By Adam from The Netherlands on 2013-04-23
The purchase and the delivery went very well.

We are ver greatful for the quik response of Globalmediapro
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By KINGSTON from SYDNEY on 2013-04-12
The only reason I purchased this camera was because of the reviews and needing something like this to start up a business I am doing, which is going really good now. The reviews seemed all different and real with all pleased customers. Well I'm now one of those customers. Very happy with this as I have started business with this camera and for this price, the camera is too good to be true. I am very pleased, happy, etc. Although camera is arriving from Singapore, it is tracked and traced through every step as to where the camera is. I had my doubts, but reading the reviews, it was too hard to not purchase this camera. If you wish to purchase, go ahead, you will be impressed for the price and the quality this camera can give. Theres many functions on it to give you the quality you want, but in hindsight, this is a wonderful camera to use and very light, durable, etc.
Excellent Camera for its low budget price
By Chris Verheyt from Bonheiden, Belgium on 2013-04-01
I bought this camera for using it with 2 other professional cameras to edit a life recording of a concert, musical or theatre performance. All cameras should register it together in full synchronisation of audio and image when changing from one camera to the other. So the brightness of the image must correspond with the WB-settings of the other cameras. I am very happy to see that I can achieve this with such a low budget camera. The camera is very easy in use and you find all the knobs you need very easily because of the touch screen and the menu knob below the LCD-screen. So you can regulate most of the image items while you are filming. The fact that you still can choose whether you use SD or HD is for me a great advantage because for the moment I don't possess any HD- units (TV or Blue-ray player) to play back what I recorded in HD.
about USB connection
By paulsson from Sweden on 2013-02-05
Regarding the camcorder Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL, I wonder if the USB connections are designed to transmit live video to PC or only to allow file copying to PC. Can anyone to answer this please, because I plan to buy it. Thanks for your answer!

GMP comment:
The MDH1 does not support live streaming. For live streaming applications,
please consider Globalmediapro Cam-1 HD-SDI Camera
Awesome Video Camera at a very good price
By Jerc Cinco from Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines on 2013-01-24
I have just receive the unit last December 8, 2012. During the trial shoot, I can say it's a very good camera even in a low light condition, the design itself is like you are using a $5,000(PHP200,000) Professional Video Camera. From the lowest settings of video quality (SX) and (SA), you can compare it as Standard Definition Video Camera but with rich colors, but if you set the quality to FULL HD, it's astonishing quality from the color, brightness, the smoothness of the images, it's perfect, VERY REALISTIC IMAGES. Perfect for Wedding, Commercial Videos, Birthday Parties, Big Events, News Gathering, because I myself is a Freelance Videographer and a News Correspondent in my town.
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By stanescu mircea from romania on 2012-12-16
is very good at this price
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By danielepapi from Florence - Italy on 2012-11-15
really a good camera and a good service of Globalmediapro
By Maich from Nairobi on 2012-11-15
Its amazing and delivery was perfect
Nice Camcorder
By Raja from Karnataka, India. on 2012-10-15
good Camera For Low Price...
Thumps Up Globalmediapro
By Hannah from Fiji Islands on 2012-10-05
Excellent customer service with great products at GlobalMediaPro. Got my Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder within 3 days after my payment. Camcorder came in it original box and waterproof packaging.Camcorder works as manufacturers statistics.Picture quality is good and stability is perfect compared to my other cameras.I made a good choice by buying this camcorder.
Trustable Online Buying
By Hannah Verified Buyer from Fiji Islands on 2012-09-10
Excellent service by GlobalMediaPro Limited.I will rate it 9 out of 10 just received my camera.Packaging was perfect and delivery was done within a week.Stuffs are as specified on their website.Thanks GlobalMediaPro, Keep up the excellent work.Will be buying more stuffs from this company
Buena relacion precio calidad
By martinc from Italia on 2012-06-10
Estoy muy conforme con la camara por la relacion precio calidad. Increible estabilidad de imagen, muy buen zoom. Un poco incomoda al hombro. El tiempo de entrega y la atencion de Globalmediapro muy buenas.
Big, cheap, easy to use
By Dodge57 from Brisbane, Australia on 2012-01-12
I have just shot my first HD wedding video with the MDH1. I am very happy with the image quality, which compares very favorably with footage from my faithful Sony MiniDV camera. I used a 16Gb SDHC card which allowed four hours of shooting at HX (third highest) resolution.

The camera doesn't really sit properly on my shoulder, mainly due to the eye piece design, but it's not a major problem due to the very low weight. The five hour battery actually gives about three hours of stop-start recording and it's not possible to recharge the battery while the camera is using the AC power supply.

For weddings, you'll need to buy a decent shotgun microphone as the supplied external mike is not directional and is greatly effected by touching the camera cases. The combination optical/electronic image stabilizer works brilliantly, and the second accessory shoe is very handy for a video light. The convenience of non-linear recording allows you to review any scene by touching its thumbnail on the LCD screen.

The supplied HD Writer AE 2.5S software will allow you to organise and trim your clips and author your video to DVD, but has no audio capabilities, such as adding a music track. If you intend to buy a video camera which records in AVCHD format, you will need an aftermarket editing program from Pinnacle, VideoStudio etc.

Overall, I'm happy with the MDH1. It's the modern day equivalent of the Panasonic MS-4 from the early nineties: Big, cheap, reliable and robust.
Image Quality 0f Camera
By dickybart from Sydney Australia on 2011-11-10
The Bad...On Off swirch no detent moves too easily can turnoff accidentally. Hand held operation is less than comfortable.
THE GOOD.. Steady shot feature is very smooth glides from one position to the next. Battery life excellent. Auto focus fast and accurate. White balance and colour rendering very
Summing Up: Value for money, better thsn expected.
Almost excellent Cam!
By Blurr Productions Verified Buyer from Belgium - Europe on 2011-10-15
As a professional photographer i always liked video, but i'll never wanted to spend a fortune. So i bought this camera and i just love it! Really easy to use, you don't need to be a pro at all to take some awesome movie shots! I say almost, because, let face it, its not THE pro cam. Its a great start, thats for sure! Zoom is not very quickly, but hey... for this price... :). On of the most amazing feature is, the camera is very very light, i don't even thought there was a cam inside the box.

Here are my very first takes using my new cam:
Excellent and trustfull service
By steph from Melbourne - australia on 2011-09-25
I am really happy and impressed with your quick delivery and with the item.. after paying such a big amount had a doubt but it never take long to get it.. and thanks for the excellent service.. and it will encourage people to do more online deals..
and i have an idea to buy another camera soon .
thanks stephny
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By Bala from Auckland on 2011-09-14
Very good product. Product was delivered before given time. Good Communication and response. Thanks GLOBALMEDIAPRO
Panasonic MDH1 very good
By Олег Verified Buyer from Россия on 2011-08-25
Данные камеры покупаю постоянно, никаких проблем с ними нет, рекомендую данного продавца, хотя цены по остальным позициям завышены.
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By oleg.klaus from Russia on 2011-07-08
All good, but need some change price for other items i need buy very offen
What a nice camcorder!
By Sylvia from Berlin, Germany on 2011-07-07
The purchase of HDC-MDH1 was my best deal in 2011:
Excellent pictures in HD (1920x1080) and SD (576i).
And the battery of cancorder lives more than 5 hours
(Standard definition in PAL).
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD Camcorder PAL
By Mark from SA on 2011-07-07
This product is good, light to carry and we find it super to our service, easy to use
By vivi77hd from italy on 2011-07-06
good product, good price, good shipment
is it mini dvd tape
By mosky from victoria island,lagos nigeria,west africa on 2011-05-26
is the one that is using mini dvd tape i want

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