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Generic Mobile Charger

Charge your gadget freely anytime, anywhere
Generic Mobile Charger
* Elegance and trendy design
* Portable size
* Foldable AC plug built-in
* Easy to operate
* Mutli power input choices
* Support most portable device, mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, MP4, PSP, etc
* Protection circuit built-in for over-current, over-voltage, over-discharge and over-heating
* Simple LEd power capacity indicator
* Rechargeable for over 1000 times
Battery: Lithium-ion polymer

Input: AC power supper
Computer USB port
Vehicle power charger (Optional)

Input voltage (AC): 100V ~ 240V (AC) 50/60Hz or 5V (DC)
Input current: AC 60mA or DC 800mA

Output voltage (DC): 5V
Output current: 500mA

Storage capacity: 2500mAh
Charging time: 3hrs
Lifetime: 1000 times

LED indicator: I - less than 35% power capacity
II - 35% ~ 60% power capacity
III - 60% ~ 100% power capacity

Operation temperature: 0 ~ 40 degree

Dimension: 91 x 48 x 17mm
Weight: 110g

Type of connector provided (pls refer to picture above for connector from the right):
1) USB-A(female): For portable MP3/MP4 players, or other devices
2) Sony Ericsson Mobile: For Sony Ericsson (K750/K758/W800i/W550i/W900i/W880i/K800/K790/P908/P910/P990/K750i/W700i/Z610i/W300i/K530i/K610i/Z600
3) Samsung Mobile: For Samsung: D828/D800/D808/D525/T809/804SS/P308/E908/E878/E788/D528/D908/Z308/Z510/Z550/F308
4) Mini USB-B: For MP3, MP4, Motorola, or other devices
5) 2.0mm jack: For Nokia (6101/6708/N70/N72/N73/N75/N81/N90/N91/N95/6111/6280/6270/6102/6155/1255/N2355/N3152/3230/6170/8310/6288/6125)
6) 2.5mm jack: For portable MP3/MP4 players, GPS device, game device, DSCs, or other devices
7) 3.5mm jack: For portable MP3/MP4 players, GPS device, game device, DSCs, or other devices
8) 4.0mm jack: For PSP and portable MP3/MP4 players, GPS device, game device, or other devices

Certification: CE, FCC, UL
- USB double retractable cable
- Device connector x 8 types
- User manual

* Specification subject to changes without prior notice
* NOT suitable for lithium battery with protector MORE THAN 2000mAh to be charged

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