My connection with the Globalmediapro website can sometimes be slow and unstable, how can this be improved?

Globalmediapro.Com works from servers in the USA, Europe, Asia and Oceania, which allows us to provide a reasonably fast connection around the world. Our servers are fast and the amount of traffic from our server to your computer is kept minimal.

Unfortunately, with the unprecedented growth of HD video and gaming traffic over the internet, some areas may experience periods of slow or patchy internet access.

To improve your connection during such peak hours you can connect to our website using HTTPS by clicking on

HTTPS is generally slower than HTTP but it avoids being cached by local providers and often works better during peak hours.

For example, Australia to New Zealand HTTP connection suffers delays in the evenings while HTTPS is perfectly stable.

The above issue is known by the internet community and will likely be significantly improved with HTTP2 protocol which will come out in the next few years. At this stage there is no comprehensive solution which covers all countries and networks.