How to choose batteries and chargers?

Here are some tips on how to choose batteries and chargers:

1. It is important to use batteries and chargers from the same brand to ensure maximum battery life.

2. Avoid using chargers designed for a different chemistry. Currently, the most common chemistry is Lithium Ion.

3. Do not rely on very old chargers to charge new batteries. Recent batteries may have improved electronics that are incompatible with older chargers.

4. Opt for recently manufactured batteries to enjoy longer lifespan and higher capacity. At Globalmediapro, our batteries are shipped directly from the manufacturer to ensure you receive recently manufactured ones.

5. Consider portable 1-channel D-Tap chargers, resembling mobile phone chargers, for their flexibility, reliability, silent operation, and cost-effectiveness. However, note that these chargers are usually slower compared to 2 or 4-channel chargers.

6. We do not recommend batteries with larger LCD screens, as they can be easily damaged.

7. Take into account the weight and dimensions of the battery based on how you use the camera.

8. Calculate the power required for your system and select a battery that provides sufficient power. (Refer to: How to calculate the required battery Capacity and Power?)

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