How to choose batteries and chargers?

Here are some tips:

1. Batteries and chargers should be of the same brand. This guarantees maximum battery life.

2. Do not use a charger designed for a different chemistry. Lithium Ion chemistry is the most common at our eShop.

3. Do not rely on a very old charger to charge new batteries. New batteries may have improved electronics incompatible with old chargers.

4. Only buy recently manufactured batteries. They last longer and deliver more capacity.

5. We recommend portable 1-channel D-Tap chargers (which look like a mobile phone charger) over 2 or 4 channel chargers. They give more flexibility, they are reliable, silent, and cost less.

6. We are not enthusiastic about digital batteries with extensive electronics, larger LCDs, or which can report graphs to a computer.

7. Depending on how you use the camera, consider the weight of the battery.

8. Calculate Power required for your system and use a battery which provides sufficient Power. (See also: How to calculate the required battery Capacity and Power?)

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