How to calculate the required battery Capacity and Power?

Capacity (Wh) is the energy stored in the battery. Wh is Watt x hour.

Power (W) can be considered as the speed of drawing the energy. W is Watt.

Maximum Power (W) your battery allows to draw is indicated at the specifications of your battery. All devices you power from the battery together must not draw more than the limit.

For example,

Globalmediapro Li160S V-Mount Battery has Capacity of 160Wh and Maximum Power Draw (Power Limit) of 79W.

JVC GY-HM700 HD Camcorder draws 23W.

Comer CM-LED1800 LED Camera Light draws 20W.

You can use the Li160S battery to power the camera and light: 23W + 20W = 43W < 79W.

The 160Wh battery will last for approximately 160Wh / 43W = 3.7 hours.

To power the 43W system for 5 hours, you would need Capacity of 43W x 5 hours = 215Wh.

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