E-Image EI-7903-PLUS 100mm Air Cushion Pedestal System

by E-Image
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E-Image EI-7903-PLUS 100mm Air Cushion Pedestal System
The EI-7903-PLUS features the E-Image Mono-Lock leg design and the Easy Lock base plate system for quick leg adjustments and camera balancing & quick swaps. The 7105H head can support a payload of up to 20kg. The AT7903A pedestal legs provide perfect dynamic balance and fluid pedestal movement for your camera. It is light-weight and easily adjusted, by way of each leg's integrated mono-lock and the new latch for fast and simple height adjustment. The dolly base may be removed, and the tripod folded, for easy storage and transport.

The included 7105H Fluid head boasts a 100mm bowl mount, a 0-8 position adjustable counterbalance system, and 0-5 stages of pan and tilt dampening. A large 60mm mounting plate provides adequate footing for larger studio and cinema style cameras as well as studio-sized teleprompters. The head has two rosettes to mount the two included GB3 pan handles, allowing operators to maintain firm control of their rig while setting their shots.


Maximum Height : 202.5 cm
Minimum Height : 120 cm
On-shot Stroke : 32 cm
Load Capacity : 20 kg
Weight : 20.1 kg


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AT7903 Pedestal
EI-7105H Fluid Head
EI-7005 Dolly