Tonghui TH8201 Programmable DC Electronic Load

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH8201 Programmable DC Electronic Load
Input Power: 175W
Input Voltage: 150V
Input Current: 40A
Dynamic Frequency: 50kHz
Samping Speed: 100kHz
Linux OS


Constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CV), constant power (CP) operation mode
Current remote control monitoring function, external trigger function
1mV/10μA high resolution, ripple measurement function
Dynamic current/voltage test, up to 50K dynamic frequency
Voltage and current measurement can achieve high precision while testing speed up to 100KHz
Programmable soft start function
CR-LED test, arbitrary I-V characteristics, battery test, dynamic scan test, load effect, list function and many other advanced functions
Overvoltage (programmable), low voltage, over current(programmable), overpower (programmable), overheating,anti-reverse protection, etc.
Remote voltage compensation input test function
Short circuit function simulation
The adoption of the Linux operating system makes the number of internal parameter file storages essentially unrestricted
Perfect U disk function (parameter file storage and loading,interface screenshot, system firmware upgrade)
Setting parameters support power-off memory function
Intelligent temperature control fan
RS232 (standard), USB (standard), Ethernet (standard), WIFI(optional)
Matching with upper-computer software to achieve remote operation and monitoring matching


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