Tonghui TH1952 Digital Multimeter

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH1952 Digital Multimeter
5 1/2 Digit
Max Reading 120000
VFD Double Parameter Display
Capacitance test


120000 count display
High brightness VFD dual-display
True-rms AC voltage and current test
Multiple mathematics operation function DCV/ACV/DCI/ACI/AC+DC/ Ohm/ CAP/ Temperature/ Frequency/ Diode/Continuity and dB/dBm
Other parameters in current test signal displayed in second display
Max. ADC sampling rate can be 200 times/s
DCV test accuracy up to 0.012%,resolution up to1μV
Relative mode(REL)to eliminate remaining reading
Calibration without opening the case
Limit function(Limit), for fast sorting
Data statistics function Max/Min, Max. value, Min. value, Average value and number of statistics
Standard USB interface,provide convenient system communication function
Standard Handler interface,provide external trigger and sorting signal for production line


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