Tonghui TH1778B DC Bias Current Source

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH1778B DC Bias Current Source
Master, Current: 0-20A.
Frequency Response: 0Hz-2MHz.
Work independently or controlled by LCR.


Provide 0~20A of constant current output for single one
Extreme refined current step: when <1A, reach 5mA; when <5A, reach 25mA; when <20A, reach 100mA
Adopting a new generation AC/DC superposition test theory to adapt test requirements for high precision and high frequency
Current output mode: single current, step scan
Adopting new designed friendly graphical operation interface and providing multiple operation practice
Providing real-time operation mode for all parameters and settings without waiting
New file management system with easy, prompt and accurate operation
Providing two kinds of SCPI command modes with good adaptability
New foot control mode with 5 control modes
Excellent tailing capability and extendibility, additional slave superposition depending on the demands
Offering dual-progress bar indication and corresponding small tools


In the Box

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TH1778-01 Test Box
TH26034 RS232 connection cable (with TH10101) (two holes at both ends, 2 and 3 feet cross)