Victor 4090B LCR Meter

by Victor
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Victor 4090B LCR Meter
The Victor 4090B is a bench-top resistance inductance capacitance meter.

Measurement frequency up to 20kHz
Test level 100 ~ 2000mV
Support the measurement of DC resistance and electrolytic capacitor
Internal bias voltage output (1mV-1500mV)
Automatic identification of component measurement
3.5-inch TFT display, 5 and a half bits display
USB, RS232 communication interface, Handle sorting
Data recording function (maximum and minimum values, average value)
Support SCPI communication protocol
Provide system settings, which can configure language, buzzer, screen brightness, etc according to the needs of users.
Basic accuracy 0.2%
Manual and automatic range
Be equipped with open circuit and short circuit correction
Comparator has sorting and alarm function
Provide a variety of test ports


In the Box

Three-core power cord
4-terminals of kelvin testing cable
Gilded short circuit bar