Globalmediapro VHD-H1200 Infrared Black Body Thermal Camera

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Globalmediapro VHD-H1200 Infrared Black Body Thermal Camera
The VHD-H1200 Black Body Thermal Camera provides immediate infrared body temperature control, recording and alarm

80 x 60 resolution
2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm
NETD : 70mK @ 25oC


Video output support Ethernet or HDMI output, with computer or monitor display

Two modes of temperature measurement without PC can be adopted to minimize field installation

Visible light, infrared dual synchronous detection of human body: visible light recognition of human face, infrared accurate forehead temperature measurement

Infrared thermal imaging supports 80*60, and visible light supports 1080P

Infrared thermal image and visible image were fused

Visible light, infrared can delimit different area synchronously

Image output mode: connect computer and mobile phone through Ethernet or WIFI(additional WIFI module is required)

Support face detection, human detection

Intelligent positioning of the forehead temperature, the accuracy error is less than 0.4oC

If the temperature exceeds the limit, the local alarm can be sent, and the data confirming the fever can be uploaded to the command center

Standard with black body, automatic temperature correction

For the high temperature of the personnel, can automatically take visible and infrared photos, and archive, easy to trace

For the temperature information, can be sent to the statistical center in real time, quickly understand the information



Resolution : 80 x 60
Operating Band : 8~14 um
Frame Rate : 25 Hz
NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) : 70mK @ 25oC
Lens : 4mm, F1.2
Viewing Angle : Horizontal 84o

Temperature Measurement Accuracy : For the human body through the temperature compensation algorithm up to +/-0.4oC

Temperature Measurement : The temperature measuring area can be set, and the temperature of the face can be automatically measured by human body recognition and face recognition

Swatches : Enhanced iron red, white heat, black heat, iron red, rainbow, red heat, cold blue, etc


Resolution : 1080p
Lens : 2.3mm F2.8
Viewing Angle : 110 degrees
Frame Rate : 25 Hz
Minimum Illumination : 0.5lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)
Backlight Compensation : Supported
Digital Noise Reduction : 2D & 3D
Video S/N : >=55dB


RS485 interface, can be connected to other terminal equipment
Alarm interface


Photo Storage : Supports infrared, visible light, fusion photo storage
Installation : 1/4-inch Standard Camera Tripod Mount or Head Ceiling Mount
No PC Operating : Remote sensing button can be used for pc-free operation
Wireless Communication : WIFI support (optional WIFI module is required), and 4G / 5G router can be installed


Working Temperature : 10oC~+50oC (recommended that 10-30 oC ambient temperature is the best for accurate temperature measurement of human body)
Storage Temperature : -40 o C to + 85 o C
Waterproof and Dustproof : IP54
Dimensions (mm) : 129x 73 x 61 (L x W x H)
Weight : 295 g


Intelligent Application : Human body recognition, face recognition

Temperature Display : Human body recognition temperature measurement, face recognition temperature measurement, measurement area high temperature tracking, central temperature can be measured at a fixed point

Alarm : Supports for alarm over the set threshold temperature, can sound alarm, while capturing the alarm photos and storage

Frame Temperature Measurement : Supports frame temperature measurement, according to different personnel access to set the temperature

Temperature Compensation : According to the environment, manually set their own temperature compensation

Taking Pictures : Open manual photo, alarm automatic photo

Internet Cloud Upload : It needs to be customized according to different cloud requirements