Globalmediapro BN VSD128-20B-SDI-IR HD-SDI Speed Dome Camera

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Globalmediapro BN VSD128-20B-SDI-IR HD-SDI Speed Dome Camera
Horizontal movement speeds up to : 180 degrees / sec, 128 variable speed adjustable
Vertical movement speed up to : 150 degrees / sec, 64 variable speed adjustable
Horizontal rotation range : 360 degrees continuous rotation
Tilt Range : 90 degrees, 180 degrees vertical auto flip
A-B two scans : arbitrarily set
Automatic homing function : the user set time, automatically return to the set position


All-metal construction, double metal casing
128 preset points, five cruise groups (Each group can be set to 16 preset points),
Time can be set according to user-defined
Cruise speed : can be divided into high / medium / low three choices
3D coordinate positioning
Built-in two-way cooling system
Focal length / speed automatic matching technology, when multiple amplification machine core, ball machine speed automatically slows
Communications Address : 256 addresses through software settings
Communication speed is selectable 1200bps / 2400bps / 4800bps / 9600bps
Communication Protocol : PELCO-D, PELCO-P and other types of multi-protocol compatibility
Automatic recognition cameras protocol
Sealed aluminum enclosure up to IP66 international standards