VideoSolutions VSS-21PTZ Teleprompter for PTZ Cameras

VideoSolutions VSS-21PTZ Teleprompter for PTZ Cameras
Professional prompter VSS-21PTZ is constructed under the traditional scheme and intended to use PTZ camera inside of the hood. The text is completely reflected in the direction of the announcer, without falling into formed by the camera the video signal. Provides video shootings only with PTZ cameras.

Uses a special mirror (Broadcast Quality Ultraclear Beamsplitter) with the main, semi-transparent layer of amalgam 70/30 (transparency/reflection) and an additional anti-reflection (AR) coating, minimizing unwanted reflections from the inner side of the mirror to prevent ghosting.

Loose (nonrigid) fixing the mirror inside the hood makes it easy to remove it for replacement, cleaning and for safe transportation.

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21-inch Monitor