Commlite CM-EF-EOSM EF / EF-S Lens to EF-M Camera Mount Adapter

Commlite CM-EF-EOSM EF / EF-S Lens to EF-M Camera Mount Adapter
Commlite electronic lens mount adapter CM-EF-EOSM is mainly used for connecting Canon EF lenses to Canon EOS-M cameras. Meanwhile, Commlite utilizes the new electronic technology, which can make the aperture exactly being aligned via the adapter, and adjusted for auto-focus. It enhances the convenience of controlling the Canon EF series lens on Canon EOS-M micro-single camera bodies.


The adapter comes with the Gold-Plating Contact, which can help to connect your EF/EF-S Lens to EOSM Camera, perfectly support AF and makes your old lens has a new life.
It supports the 'Aperture Control' , you can adjust the lens' aperture' from the Camera end, just like the operation with your original matched lens or camera.
The adapter fully supports the IS function, making your focus much more precise and clear.
Commlite EF-EOSM adapter is made of Aluminum Alloy, and will not be deformed after connection.
It utilizes the gold-plating signal contact, increases the transmitting a lot.
1/4 standard thread at the bottom, convenient for connection with tripod and other supports.
Commlite EF-EOSM adapter fully support EF and EF-S lens as well as the third-party lens, making your lens stronger after mounting onto the EOSM camera .


Compatible lens: Canon EF series lens
Compatible Cameras: Canon EOSM
Front mount: Canon EF mount
Rear mount: Canon EOSM mount
Tripod screw: 1/4 screw
Max. diameter and length: 66.6 x 26.0 mm
Weight: 128g


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