VideoSolutions Silver 6N Jib Arm

VideoSolutions Silver 6N Jib Arm
Designed for use outdoor or in studios of the suitable sizes with all types of cameras, pro-camcorders, handheld camcorders. The special aluminium tube allow you to reach 6 m or reduce length of jib to 2 meters. Crane provides you with free and smooth vertical and hori- zontal movement, self-leveling. Suspension lateral and top cables removes sagging, parasitic fluctuations and strengthens jib. Set up takes only 20 minutes. The crane is completed with a pedestal.


Arm length, m: 5.5
Total length (from the counterbalance to camera head), m: 7.2
Maximum camera height, m: 6.2
Maximum camera weight, kg: 25
Weight without counterbalance, kg: 18
Max counterbalance (weights not included) weight, kg: 150

Head Attachment: 100mm video fluid ball or hemisphere head
Personnel: 2 persons, including cameraman
Materials: aluminium, steel, phtoroplast

In the Box

Jib arm
VideoSolutions VSP-P Studio Pedestal with dolly
Counterbalance weights are not included


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