VideoSolutions VSS-19S Teleprompter + Monitor + Software

VideoSolutions VSS-19S Teleprompter + Monitor + Software
Teleprompter VSS-19S are constructed under the traditional scheme and intended for a projection of the readable text to the translucent glass located in front of lenses of videocamera. Titles are completely reflected in a direction of the announcer, not to get in video signal. Provides video shootings with any types of videocameras.
The platform is made with easy aluminium structure and has sliding mounting plates for a pedestal or tripod, camera, counterbalance and mobile mounting brackets for a tube-hood with the mirror and monitor..


Monitor Size : 18,5 Inch

Beam splitter : 30/70, ultra clear, anti-reflection coating
Size : 450x400 mm (17,7x15.75 Inch)

In the Box

Teleprompter hood with a beamsplitter mirror
Tripod and Camera Mount platform
LCD monitor
Control foot-pedal
Prompting software VSPrompter


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