VideoSolutions VSS-19Pro Teleprompter + Monitors + Software

VideoSolutions VSS-19Pro Teleprompter + Monitors + Software
Professional prompter VSS-19Pro is constructed under the traditional scheme and intended for a projection of the readable text to the translucent glass located in front of the camera lens. The text are completely reflected in the direction of the announcer, without falling into formed by the camera the video signal. Provides video shootings with any types of videocameras.
Uses a special mirror (Broadcast Quality Ultraclear Beamsplitter) with the main, semi-transparent layer of amalgam 70/30 ( transparency / reflectance) and an additional anti-reflection (AR) coating , minimizing unwanted reflections from inner side of the mirror to prevent ghosting.
The basis of this design of prompter is Base plate platform made of polished stainless steel tubes, where are three movable mounting plates and mounting hardware for front part of the prompter (tube with a mirror and a monitor). The upper mounting plate is designed to mount the camcorder. The lower plate provides mount on a pedestal or tripod. The back plate - for set the counterweight for balancing system.
The base plate provides free horizontal movement of the mouting plates, fixing them in the desired position, and provides vertical movement up / down of the tubes with the mirror and the monitor relative to a fixed base plate with camera and fixing in position that allows to adapt the design to use camera of any size.
There is ability to change the angle of the mirror up to 55 degrees, it is allows you to use the camera with a wide angle lens.
Loose (non-rigid) fixing the mirror inside the hood makes it easy to remove it for replace, to clean and to safe transportation.


Increased rigidity
Ability to use a lens servo control
Broadcast quality beamsplitter 70/30 with AR coating
The ability to use any size cameras
Ability to use wide-angle lenses
The ability to easily remove the mirror
Versatile mounting elements

In the Box

Teleprompter hood with a beam splitter 70/30 with AR coating, 480x450mm
Base plate with mounting brackets
19-inch LCD monitor with standard cables
Control foot-pedal
Prompting software VSPrompter3
Kit of screws with different sizes for mounting


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