Dynacore DW-2000 Wireless Extender (Transmitter and Receiver)

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Dynacore DW-2000 Wireless Extender (Transmitter and Receiver)
Dynacore DW-2000 Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission System utilizes the most advanced wireless video transmission technology.
It can realize the broadcast-class and uncompressed 3G SDI/HDMI HD video signal transmitted with no compression and no latency.
The suite includes one transmitter and one receiver.
The transmitter provides a 3G/HD SDI input and a HDMI input, and the receiver provides a 3G/HD SDI output and a HDMI output.
The wireless HD suite has 2 stick antennas in transmitter side, and 5 stick antennas in receiver side, and it can work in 5.l-5.9GHz frequency band and be flexibly software configured to licensed or ISM band of global different regions.
The side panel of both transmitter and receiver have been installed a frequency switcher, which provides maximum 10 workable frequency channels, and supports maximum 4 sets working simultaneously.
The wireless suite can accept wide range DC power input, which is suitable for many kinds of camera battery model.
The suite also can sustain +/-8 kV ESD (HBM, contact discharge), the industry class metal case and professional heat design would guarantee most robust reliability.


Professional WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology
Uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI
2-ch SDI/HDMI embedded audio transmission
700 meters (LOS) transmission distance
Less than lms latency
5.1-5.9 GHz license-free operation frequency
User configurable frequency bands
Multicast - 1 transmitter to multi receivers
Less than 63mW radio power
AES 256bit encryption
Mini transmitter designed for HDV camcorder
The Transmitter DW-2000T is equipped with Various DV plates for option and 4 pin-male to D-Tap DC input
The receiver DW-2000R is equipped with V-Mount /Gold Mount plates to be powered by batteries and 4 pin-male to D-Tap DC input
All-metal housing, durable
Pure hardware connection; Plug and Play


In the Box

1 x TX with Sony NPF970 plate
1 x RX with V-lock mount plate
1 x Hard case
1 x Crab clamp
2 x Flat screwdrivers (for band configuration)
8 x Antennas
1 x Articulating arm trestle
1 x Holder
2 x DC cables with LEMO connect


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