Globalmediapro SCT EE01D DVI EDID Emulator

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Globalmediapro SCT EE01D DVI EDID Emulator
The Globalmediapro SHE EE01D DVI EDID emulator allows the source device to read the selected EDID information from the unit default or learned EDID memory.

Supports 4 EDID functions: read, write, emulate, bypass
Built in rotary switch, supports up to 12 sets default EDID setting
Allows to save 3 sets custom EDID
Built in USB port to allow user to write EDID
Built in Equalizer for reliable signal quality performance
Supports DVI single link and DVI Dual Link
Support resolution up to 3840x 2400@30Hz
Power source from DVI or micro USB port