Libec ALX SP Slider Platform

by Libec
Libec ALX SP Slider Platform
Eight high-performance ball bearings on the top and sides allow for smooth, wobble-free motion
Tension / friction knob, brake knob, and bubble level
Slider platform is modular and can be used with sliders ALX S4, ALX S8, and ALX S12
Slider platform can be easily detached and replaced using the leg lock knob


Payload : 33 lb (15 kg) when used with ALX S4, ALX S8, or ALX S12
Mount Types : 3/8"-16 threaded head mounting stud
Material : Aluminum alloy and engineering plastic
Function : Slide, Friction, Brake
Weight : 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)

In the Box

Hard Protector
Hexagon Wrench