Tenmars TM-750 Mini Pocket Solar Power Meter

by Tenmars
Tenmars TM-750 Mini Pocket Solar Power Meter
Solar radiation measurement
Solar power research
Physics and optical laboratories
Identify high performance windows
Simple to use general data


31/2 digits LCD display with maximum reading of 3999
Measuring the Solar radiation emitted by the sun
Display units: W/m2 (Watts per square meter) or BTU
Data Hold/ MAX/MIN functions


Range: 4000W/m2, 634Btu/(ft2xh)
Resolution: 1W/m2, 1Btu/(ft2xh)
Accuracy: Typically within +/- 10W/m2 [+/-3 BTU/ (ft2xh)] or +/- 5% whichever is greater in sunlight, Temperature included error +/- 0.38 W/m2 / oC [+/-0.12 BTU/ (ft2xh)] / oC] deviation from 25 oC
Angular accuracy: Cosine corrected
Sampling time: 0.25 second
Power supply: 2 batteries 1.5V AAA
Sensor wire length : Approx. 1.5M
Size: 108(L) x 48(W) x 23(H)mm
Weight: About 80g.