Tenmars ST-130 Noise Dose Meter

by Tenmars
Tenmars ST-130 Noise Dose Meter
Performs OSHA and IEC Noise accumulation surveys.
Six built-in standard dose measurement setups: OSHA, MSHA, DOD, ACGIH, ISO85, ISO90.
Display Range: 30 to 90dB; 50 to 110dB; 70 to 140dB.


One user-defined measurement setup
Adjustable Criterion Level, Exchange Rate, and Threshold
Data logger up to 1,000,000 readings, sampling times between 1 sec and 24 hours
Stores up to 10,000 dose meter survey result
Data includes Start/Stop Time, %Dose, TWA8, LEP, 8h, Leq, SEL, LN%
SPLMAX, SPLMIN, PeakMAX, when used in the Dose meter mode In sound level mode, meter displays sound level, time-averaged sound level (Leq), PeakMAX, and sound exposure level (SEL)
USB interface with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Test Range: 41 to 86dB; 55 to 106dB; 75 to 125dB
Frequency Weighting: A; C; Z
Peak Range: 90 to 143 (PEAK)
Frequency: 31.5Hz to 8kHz
Peak Weighting: C, Z


Display: Single LCD Maximum reading 999999
Display Refresh Rate: 1 Time/second
Microphone; 1/2" Electret condenser microphone
Accuracy: +/-1.4dB at 94dB/1kHz
Frequency Weighting: A, C, Z
Time Weighting: Fast, Slow and Impulse
Starting Time: < 10 seconds
Frequency Range: 20Hz to 8kHz
Battery Life: 24 hours (single 9 volt Alkaline battery)
Dimensions: 107mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 33mm (H)