Tenmars TM-903 MultiMedia LAN Cable Tester

by Tenmars
Tenmars TM-903 MultiMedia LAN Cable Tester
The TM-903 Multimedia Cable Tester is a hand-held test instrument that lets you verify and troubleshoot the LAN cable of twisted pair.
It displays graph wire-map, opens, shorts, miswires, split pairs and the remote ID number all on one screen.
Uses multiple remote ID up to 8 locators to test on RJ-45 (UTP, STP) LAN cable, video coaxial cable and RJ11 voice cable.


Detects opens, shorts, miswires and split pairs on the twisted pair cabling
Measures length
Low battery detector
Auto backlit
Auto power off


Connectors type: RJ-45, F-Connector and RJ11
Cable category: LAN cable (UTP, STP), video coaxial cable and voice cable.
Wire-map test: Detects opens, shorts, miswires, split pairs
Length test: up to 255 M (836 ft)
Length resolution: 0.1 m (ft)
Length units: Meter and Foot
Accuracy: +/- 10% + 1.0M (3 ft)
Power: 1.5V battery x 6
Battery life: Approx. continuous testing : 200 times
Operate Maximum Power: 20mA
Operating temp. and RH: 5 to 40 oC, below 80% RH.
Storage temp. and RH: -10 to 60oC, below 70%.
Dimensions: 156(L) x 73(W) x 35(H) mm.
Weight: About 170g
Accessories: User's manual x 1, 1.5V, AAA battery x 6, Carrying case. Test Cable x3, Remote ID (1) x1
Optional Remote ID: Remote ID2 ~ ID7

In the Box

User's manual x 1, 1.5V
AAA battery x 6
Carrying case
Test Cable x3
Remote ID (1) x1