Tenmars ST-501 CO2/Temperature/RH Monitor

by Tenmars
Tenmars ST-501 CO2/Temperature/RH Monitor
ST-501 is an excellent indoor air quality (IAQ) instrument measuring the carbon dioxide (CO2), Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature.
Building HVAC monitoring
Indoor air quality survey
Locates the presence of combustion fumes from vehicles and appliances


3 Independent CO2, humidity and temperature sensors
User operated CO2 calibration
USB datalogg: 50,000 records
Internal backup battery to maintain date/time setting
Power management IC to increase batter efficiency
Easy- to-Use PC software for parameter settings and data analysis
Internal CO2 alarm buzzer


CO2 Sensing Method: NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared)
Measures: Carbon dioxide in PPM, temperature (F or C), % Relative Humidity
CO2 Measurement range: 0~9999 ppm (2001~9999 ppm over range)
CO2 Accuracy: +/- 75ppm, +/- 8% of reading (0~2000 ppm)
Display Resolution - +/-1 ppm
Datalogging: 50,000 records,
Fast USB download (50,000 records in less than 10 seconds.)

CO2 Sensor
Type: Non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR)
Measurement Range: 0~9999 ppm (2001~9999 ppm over range)
Accuracy: +/- 75ppm, +/- 8% of reading (0~2000 ppm)
Resolution: +/-1 ppm
Response Time: 2 seconds

Relative Humidity Sensor
Type: CMOSens
Measurement Range: 1% ~99%
Accuracy: +/-3.0%RH(20~80%), +/-5.0%RH(80%)
Response Time
8 Seconds

Temperature Sensor
Type: Thermistor
Measurement Range: 0 to 50C
Accuracy: +/-0.5C from 0-50C
Resolution: 0.1C
Response Time: 1 second

Power Supply
Battery: Four AAalkaline batteries x4
Battery Operation: 24 hours
External Power Supply: 6V VDC with 0.5A