Tenmars TM-403 Air Velocity Meter

by Tenmars
Tenmars TM-403 Air Velocity Meter
TM-403 Velocity, Flow, Temperature, Humidity Meter.
TM-403 measures air speed, temperature and humidity. It is ideal for spot measurements
at air outlets on account of its 30mm vane. In addition to air speed and temperature, also measures air moisture and absolute pressure. In this way, air conditions can be reliably checked.


30mm 6 plastics blade
Light air response 0.4m/s
Air flow calculate function
Max/Min/Avg and data hold
Memory recall function
Memory capacity: 99 records
Backlight function
Humidity Sensor


Air Flow (volume) Calculation: Range 0~9999 CMM, Range 0~9999 CFM, Resolution 1
Temperature Measurement: -20~60oC +/-1oC, Resolution 0.1, -4~140oF +/-1.8oF, Resolution 0.1
Humidity: 20~80 %RH, Accuracy +/-3.5%RH, <20, >80 %RH, Accuracy +/-5%RH, Resolution 0.1
Air velocity Measurement: 0.4 to 45 m/s, 1.5 to 90 km/hr, 0.8 to 48 knots, 79 to 4921 ft/min, 1~10Beaufort, Accuracy +/-2%