Tenmars TM-4002 Hot-Wire Air Velocity Meter

by Tenmars
Tenmars TM-4002 Hot-Wire Air Velocity Meter
Fast response telescoping probe
Air flow volume
Large LCD display


Displays air (wind) speed in meters/second,feet/minute, kilometers/hr, knots, and miles/hr
Displays maximum and minimum readings and holds any reading
Manual Data Memory and read fucntion (99 records)
Dew point, Wet Bulb calculation


Size : 156 x73 x35 mm (L xW xH).
Weight : 250g
Power: LR6 (AA) 1.5V x6 Batteries
Air Flow (volume) Calculation: Range 0~9999 CMM, Resolution 0.1, Range 0~9999 CFM, Resolution 0.1
Temperature Measurement: -20~60oC +/-1oC, Resolution 0.1, -4~140F +/-1.8oF, Resolution 0.1
Humidity: 20~80 %RH, Accuracy +/-3.5%RH, <20, >80 %RH, Accuracy +/-5%RH, Resolution 0.1
Air velocity Measurement: 0.01 to 40 m/s, 0.02 to 144 km/hr, 0.01 to 77.75 knots, 0 to 7874.0 ft/min, 1~12 Beaufort, Accuracy +/-3% of reading +/-1%FS