Tonghui TH5201 AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH5201 AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester
The TH5201 is a tester for carrying out withstanding voltage tests on electronic devices and electronic parts.
Capable of carrying out both AC tests and DC tests.
500 VA transformer capacity.
Large color VFD display.
Equipped with an analog voltmeter, a digital voltmeter and a digital ammeter.
Has RS-232C interface for outputting data.
Has DC to DC converter for DC test voltage.
Remote control function, Nonvolatile memory functions.
Interlock and Key-lock functions.
Noise resisting circuits and Automatic discharge function.
Delivers seven state signals : HV-ON, TEST, PASS, U-FAIL, L-FAIL, READY, and PROTECTION through its 25-pin Amphenol connector.


Basic Performance
Output voltage : AC/DC 0kV to 2.5kV / 0kV to 5kV

AC -
Output rating : 500VA/5kV, 100mA
Waveform : AC line voltage waveform
Voltage regulation : <=15% from rated load to empty load
Switching : Zero crossing start switch

DC -
Output rating : 50W/5kV, 10mA
Ripple - At 5kV, empty load : 50 Vp-p typical, At 5kV, rated load : 100Vp-p typical
Voltage regulation : <=3% from rated load to empty load

Analog Voltmeter : Scale 5kV, Class 2.5, Accuracy +/-5% of full scale
Digital Voltmeter : Scale 5kV, Accuracy +/-1.5% of full scale, AC response - rms value display, 600 ms response time
Ammeter :
Accuracy +/-(5%xupper cutoff current+20uA)
AC response - rms value display, 450 ms response time

Interface and Other Functions
Remote Connector : To control the tester from an optional remote
control box TH9000 or a high voltage test probe.

Signal I/O Connector :
Setup the special test modes - DOUBLE-ACTION, PASS-HOLD, MONENTARY, and FAIL-MODE.
Output the state signals - HV-ON, TEST, PASS, U-FAIL, L-FAIL, READY and PROTECTION.
Remote control the tester with control signals - STOP, START, and ENABLE.

RS-232C Interface :
9-pin connector on the rear panel (conforms to EIA-232-D)
Transmission mode : Start /Stop synchronization, half-duplex
Baud rate : 9600 bps
Data bits : 8 bits
Stop bits : 1 bit
Parity bits : None

Operating environment : 0oC to 40oC, <=80% RH
Storage environment : -20oC to 70oC, <=90% RH
AC line power : 110V+/-10%; 50/60Hz
Insulation resistance : >=30MΩ under 500VDC
Withstanding voltage : 1500VAC(1s), between AC line and chassis
Earth continuity : <=0.1Ω at 25A AC
Dimensions : 320 x 132 x 300mm
Weight : Approx. 14kg


In the Box

5kV 1.5m Power Cord
High Voltage Test Leads
25-pin Amphenol Connector Plug (assembly type)