Naphon CA400 Audio Amplifier

by Naphon
Naphon CA400 Audio Amplifier


Working Modes: Stereo/Bridge/Mono
With Perfect Protection for Short Circuit, DC Current
Standard XLR and 1/4" TRS Sockets
Adopt Bulky Power Supply
Effectively Reduce the Intermodulation Distortion and Noise


Output Power (1KHz, RMS)
- Stereo 8 Ohm : 2 x 225W
- Stereo 4 Ohm : 2 x 385W
Bridged 8 Ohm : 700W
Input Impedance : 20K Ohm
Cross Talk : less than -80db
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) : less than or equal to 0.05%
SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) : more than or equal to 110db
Slew Rate : 40V/us
Damping Factor : more than 200
Frequency Response : 20Hz~20KHz+/-0.2db
Power Supply : AC100~120V/200~240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions : 483 x 365 x 132 mm (19 x 14.4 x 5.2 in)
Weight : 17.8 kg (39.2 lbs)

WARNING. Do not use this amplifier to power speakers with continuous power capacity under 225W@8Ohm, 385W@4Ohm. This model is designed for permanent indoor installations only.


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Naphon CA400 Audio Amplifier
Rating: 4.0
By from Greymouth. , New Zealand on
I am no expert but have owned several amplifiers over the years of varying quality . I recently acquired a CA-400 2nd hand but hardly used very cheap.
I connected it to my beloved Rotel RA-870 BX pre-amp
and wired my pair of 250 watt RMS speakers to the
CA-400 power amplifier which promptly delivered
Tons of power to the speakers with crisp , clear sound .
I would be interested to have it tested to see if it actually
meets it's claimed 700w RMS in bridged mode but I have
no question about its claimed THD of 0.05 .
I think my CA-400 is an excellent addition to my sound system . Quite a refined Beast !

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