ASK HDCN0011M1 VGA+Audio to HDMI Converter

by ASK
ASK HDCN0011M1 VGA+Audio to HDMI Converter
One VGA+RL input or One VGA+SPDIF input change to One HDMI Signal.
Support video input : VGA analog.
Support Audio Input : RL Analog Signal, SPDIF Digital Signal.
HDMI output : Support up to 1920 x 1080@60HZ.
Support VGA input : 800 x 600@60HZ, 800 x 600@75HZ, 1024 x 768@60HZ, 1024 x 768@75HZ 1152 x 864@60HZ, 1152 x 864@75HZ, 1280 x 720@60HZ,1280 x 768@60HZ,1280 x 800@60HZ, 1280 x 960@60HZ, 1280 x 1024@60HZ, 1280 x 1024@75HZ, 1360 x 768@60HZ, 1366 x 768@60HZ, 1440 x 900@60HZ, 1600 x 1200@60HZ, 1680 x 1050@60HZ, 1920 x 1080@60HZ.
HDMI output resolution : 720P/ 60Hz. 1080P/ 60Hz.
Adaptive PAL / NTSC standard.
It can choose the SPDIF audio or RL audio input by use the manual button.
The HDMI Output cable length can support up to 15Mif use the standard AWG26 HDMI Cable.
Low-power digital single chip solution, less heat and long time stability.
Easy to Install and Automatically Check the input signal.
It can do power supply by the Micro USB Power Supply Port.


To use VGA Cable, AV cable or the VGA Cable or Optical cable to connect the source with the input video and audio port of the converter.
To use one HDMI Cable to connect the Display with the HDMI output port of the converter.
To use the Micro USB power cable to connect the 5V DC Head with USB port or the USB port of the PC to give the power to the converter.


Support input : VGA
Support up to VGA : 1920 x 1080@60Hz
HDMI output resolution : 720P/1080P@60Hz
Support resolution up to 1250 lines
Maximum refresh rate : 75HZ
Input Video signal : 0.5~2.0Volts p-p
Output video signal : -0.35~0.7Volts p-p
Maximum working current : 300mA
Input cable distance : <=15mVGA standard cable
Output cable distance : <=20mAWG26 HDMI standard cable
Micro USB Power Standard : 5V/500mA
Operating Temperature range : 0 to +40oC
Operating Humidity range : 5 to 85%RH (No Condensation)
Dimensions : 64 x 64 x 25.5mm
Weight : 85g

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