Gratten PB470 Passive Oscilloscope Probe 60MHz

by Gratten
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Gratten PB470 Passive Oscilloscope Probe 60MHz
Contractive-type acuminate hook
12cm earth wire with alligator clip
Locating sleeve adapts to IC testing
Adjusts compensation capacitance to assure the rapier match with oscilloscope


Attenuation ratio : 1X/10X/REF
Input resistance : 1M Ohm/10M Ohm
Input capacitance : 1X :85pF-135pF, 10X :15pF-19pF
Compensation scope : 15pF-45pF, 9pF-30pF
System bandwidth : 1X: DC-6MHz, 10X: DC-60MHz
Input voltage : 1X: <300V DC +PeakAC, 10X: <600V DC +PeakAC
Operating temperature range : -15oC- +75oC (5oF - 167oF)
Humidity : <85% (relative humidity)
Technology : Assembly
Color : Black
Weight : 55gr (1.9 oz)
Cable length : 130cm (51.1 in)

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