Gratten P6500 Passive Oscilloscope Probe 500MHz

by Gratten
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Gratten P6500 Passive Oscilloscope Probe 500MHz
Contractive-type acuminate hook
12cm earth wire with alligator clip
Spring direct grounding
Locating sleeve adapts to IC testing
Adjusts compensation capacitance to assure the rapier match with oscilloscope
Compatible with Gratten ADS1000 Series oscilloscopes


Attenuation ratio : 10X
Input resistance : 10M Ohm
Input capacitance : 12pF-15pF, 10pF-13pF
Compensation scope : 9pF-30pF, 9pF-25pF
System bandwidth : 1X: DC-6MHz, 10X: DC-500MHz
Input voltage : 10:1 : <600V DC +PeakAC
Operating temperature range : -15oC- +75oC (5oF - 167oF)
Humidity : <85% (relative humidity)
Technology : Integration of injection molding
Color : Gray
Weight : 70gr (2.4 oz)
Cable length : 130cm (51.1 in)

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