Tonghui TDO3102BS Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz

by Tonghui
Tonghui TDO3102BS Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz
Bandwidth : 100MHz
Real-time sampling rate : Maximum 1Gsps
Equivalent sampling rate : Maximum 50Gsps
5.6-inch TFT LCD Color display
With up to 2.4Mpts memory depth, more signal details can be seen.
Independent vertical scale and position control knobs for each channel
Built-in 5 digital hardware frequency counter
USB Host Port, Support USB disk storage, and firmware upgrade can be carried out through an USB disk.


Sampling system
Max.real-time sample rate : 1Gsps
Max.Equivalent sample rate : 50Gsps
Vertical resolution : 8 Bits
Sample mode : Sample, peak detect, averaging
Auto setup : Adjust vertical scale (V/div), horizontal time base (s/div), trigger mode is "AUTO".

Vertical System
Channels : 2 analog input channels and 1 trigger input channel
Bandwidth : 100MHz
Coupling : DC, AC, GROUND
Bandwidth limit(-3dB) : 20MHz
Rise time : <3.50ns
Vertical scale : 2mV/div-5V/div 1-2-5 step
Vertical gain accuracy : 2mV/div, 5mV/div +/-4% x reading+/-0.1div x V/div+0.5mV
Vertical bias range : +/-8 div away from the screen center
Probe attenuation factor : x1, x10, x100, x1000
Input impedance : 1M Ohm 18pF
Delay differential : +/-150ps when vertical scale and coupling settings are identical
Max.Input voltage : 400V (DC+AC peak,@1M Ohm)
Probe compensation output : 3Vp-p,1kHz

Horizontal System
Time base range : 2ns-50s/div
Horizontal sample mode : Main, Delayed, X-Y and Roll
Time base accuracy : +/-0.01%
XY mode -
Input : X-axis input (horizontal) : CH1 Y-axis input (vertical) : CH2
Bandwidth : 100MHz
Phase error : +/-3o

Trigger System
Trigger source : CH1, CH2, EXT, EXT/5, LINE, Alternating
Trigger method : Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger coupling mode : DC, AC, LF-reject, HF- reject
Trigger mode : Edge, Pulse width, Video
Trigger level range - Internal : +/-8 div from screen center; EXT :+/-1.6V; EXT/5 : +/- 8V
EXT input impedance : 1M Ohm 19pF
EXT Max. input voltage : 400V (DC+AC peak,@1M Ohm)

Signal Measurement
Voltage : Max, Min, VPP, High, Low, Amplitude, Average, RMS, Overshoot, Preshoot, Cycle average, Cycle RMS
Time : Frequency, Period, Rise time, Fall time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, Delay, Phase, X@MAX, X@MIN
Math function : A+B, A-B, AxB,FFT(1024 point)
Cursor mode : Manual, Auto, Track
Hardware counter : 5-digit frequency counter up to full bandwidth

Storage and Interface
Internal storage : 10 setup files and 10 trace files
File format : Setup, Waveform, Trace, BMP and CSV file
Interface : USB HOST

Display type : STN LCD display, 5.6-inch
Resolution : 320 (horizontal) x 234 (vertical) dot matrix
Display color : 256 VGA
Contrast adjustment : 20 levels
Waveform Display -
Range - Menu ON : 8div (vertical) x 10div (horizontal), Menu OFF : 8div (vertical) x 12div (horizontal)
Type : Drot/vecto
Interpolation : (Sinx)/ x, linear
Persistence : Off/ infinite
Format : YT / XT

Sine signal
Harmonic Distortion : Below 5MHz : -50dBc, <=10MHz : -45dBc

Amplitude setting range (Hi-resistance) :
Output frequency <=20MHz, amplitude range 2mVpp--20 Vpp
when >20MHz, amplitude range 2mVpp-6.32 Vpp
Max.Resolution (Hi-resistance) : 2μVp-p
Amplitude deviation : <=+/-2%+1mV (1KHz sine wave)
Amplitude stability : +/-2 % /4 hours
Amplitude flatness : <= 50 kHz +/-5%, > 50kHz +/-20%
Output impedance : 50 Ohm

AM Modulation
Carrier : Sine wave, square wave
Modulation wave : 30 common waves:Sine wave, square wave, triangle wave.etc
Modulation wave frequency : 1mHz--1MHz
Modulation depth : 0% ~ 120%

FM Modulation
Carrier : Sine wave and square wave
Modulation wave : 30 common waves:Sine wave, square wave, triangle wave.etc
Modulation frequency : 1mHz--1MHz
Frequency modulation deviation : 0.1% ~ 99.9%

PWM Modulation
Carrier : Impulse
Modulation wave : 30 common waves:Sine wave, square wave, triangle wave.etc
Modulation wave frequency : 1mHz--1MHz
Width deviation : 1% ~ 99%

FSK Modulation
Carrier : Sine wave
Hop frequency : 1μHz--10MHz
Interval time : 1ms~40s

PSK Modulation
Carrier : Sine wave
Hop phase : 0o~360o
Interval time : 1ms~40s

DCOM (Bias modulation)
Carrier : Sine wave, square wave
Modulation wave : 30 common waves:sine wave, square wave, triangle wave.etc.
Modulation wave frequency : 1mHz--1MHz
Function : Realize the add function of carrier and modulation wave

Frequency sweep features
Waveform : Sine wave, square wave
Frequency range : 1μHz--10MHz
Sweep type : Forward, backward and round sweep
Sweep time : 1ms~500s

Burst (impulse string)
Waveform : 30 common waveforms:sine wave, square wave and triangle wave.
Count : 1~60000 periods
Burst frequency : 1mHz--1MHz

Temperature and humidity : 0oC-40oC, 90%RH
Power : 99V-242V AC, 47Hz-440Hz
Power consumption : <= 50VA
Dimensions : 320 x 156.5 x 123 mm
Weight : 2.8kg


In the Box

2 x TDO-XXX oscilloscope probe (XXX indicating bandwidth)
TH19001 BNC cable lead
Power cord


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