Tonghui TH2811C LCR Meter

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH2811C LCR Meter
TH2811C is a universal LCR meter using 5 terminal measurement technology. The primary and secondary parameters are displayed at the same time with 0.01% display resolution. With its low price, direct functions and simple operation, it can be used for incoming inspection, quality control of the product line and electronic maintenance service.


LCR test parameter : R,C,L,D,Q
Test frequency : 100Hz,1kHz,10kHz
Test level range : 0.3Vrms
Basic accuracy : 0.25%
Test speed or time : 5 times/s
Equivalent circuit : Serial and parallel
Range mode : Auto, hold
Correction function : Open/short
Display range :
R, X, Z - 0.1m Ohm ~ 9.999 M Ohm
C - 0.01 pF ~ 9999uF
L - 0.01 uH ~ 9.999kH
D - 0.0001 ~ 9.999
Q - 0.0001 ~ 9999
Displayer : Digital tube
Display mode : Direct read


In the Box

TH26004-1 4-terminal test fixture
TH26001 test fixture
TH26010 Gilded shorting plate
Power cable