Tonghui TH2882A-5 Impulse Winding Tester

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH2882A-5 Impulse Winding Tester
Low inductance impulse test : down to 10μH
Low energy test without damaging the coil
Fast detection of winding insulation at a speed of 5.5 meas/sec
4 kinds of waveform comparison methods
Up to 40 MSPS sampling rate
320 x 240 dot-matrix graphic LCD display
Multi-trigger mode programmable
Voltage, Time and Frequency measuring function
Direct display of comparison result
Keyboard lock and password protection function
Handler, RS-232C interfaces


Test function
Test object : Single phase winding
Impulse energy : <=0.25 Joule
Winding inductance range : >= 20μH
Waveform sampling -
Sampling rate : 40 MSPS, 20 MSPS, 10 MSPS, 5 MSPS, 2.5MSPS,1.25 MSPS, 625 kSPS, 312 kSPS, 156 kSPS
Resolution rate : 8 digits
Sampling length : 960 byte
Input impedance : 10 M Ohm (Resistance divider)
Display waveform test : Voltage, time, frequency
Test repeat accuracy : +/-1%
Trigger mode : Internal/ manual/ foot control/ external/ Bus
Average time : 1-99
Displayer : 320 x 240 LCD, 240 x 200 waveform display
Displayed information : Set parameter, standard and waveform, measurement and compare result

Test signal
Impulse peak voltage : 500V-5000V programmable, step 100V
Impulse voltage accuracy : +/-5% set value +/-25V
Voltage control mode :
Pros : set the open voltage programmable
Cons : voltage auto control, not affected by winding impedance

Control mode : Space, space deviation, corona and phase deviation
Judge output : PASS/FAIL display, alarm
Alarm volume : Long high, long low, single short, double short, off

Memory :
60 groups of standard waveform
800 groups of waveform can be stored in USB device
Operation temperature and humidity : 0oC-40oC, <= 90%RH
Power requirement :
Voltage - 198V-242V AC, 99V-121V AC
Frequency - 47.5Hz-63Hz
Weight : Approx.7.5 kg


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