Tonghui TH2513 DC Low-Ohm Meter

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH2513 DC Low-Ohm Meter
TH2513 offers measurement range from 200m Ohm to 2k over current range from 10μA to 100mA. It can be used to measure resistance of transformer, inductance winding, relay, switch, connector contact, lead, soldering point, PCB track and hole, metal detection, etc.


3 1/2-digit LED display
Open circuit indication
Easy operation and maintenance
Easy correction and Calibration


Basic Accuracy : 0.3% of reading+ 1 count
Test Current : 100/10/1mA/100/10μA
Range : 200m Ohm/2/20/200 Ohm/2K Ohm
Max.Resolution : 100μ Ohm
Measuring speed(meas/sec) : 2
Range mode : Manual