Polar RCX5 90051068 GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Black

by Polar
Polar RCX5 90051068 GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Black
For triathletes, runners and endurance athletes.
Provides heart rate data with new comfortable and disturbance-free hybrid transmitter.
Sport profiles guarantee swift switch between different sports.
Provides Speed, Distance and mapping data for any outdoor activity.
Water resistant - 30m (98.4 ft)


Watch Functions :
Date and weekday indicator
Display text in English, German, Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian
Dual time zone
KeyLock - By activating KeyLock, training computer buttons are locked, and accidental presses do not cause problems, for instance, during training.
Low battery indicator
StopWatch - Stopwatch can be used for timing, for instance, recording lap times. In some products, StopWatch tells the total training time.
Time of day (12/24h) with alarm and snooze
Training reminder
User replaceable battery
Water resistant - 30m

Features/Functions :
Number of laps - 99
User configurable displays - all lines
Automatic age-based target zone - bpm/%
Average and maximum heart rate of each lap
Average, minimum and maximum heart rate of training
Heart rate - bpm/%. Heart rate can be expressed as the number of beats per minute (bpm) or as a percentage (%) of your maximum heart rate
HR-based target zones with visual and audible alarm. You can define your target zones for a training session based on heart rate
Heart Rate max (age-based)
Heart Rate max (Polar Fitness test-based)
Heart Rate max (user set)
Manual target zone - bpm/%. This feature enables you to define the target zone as you want and is suitable for your training
Polar Fitness Test measures your aerobic fitness at rest in just five minutes
Polar OwnCal(R) - calorie expenditure with fat percentage. It calculates the number of kilocalories expended during training
Polar OwnCode(R) (5kHz/2.4 GHz W.I.N.D.) - coded transmission
Polar sport zones provide an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training and to follow sport zones based training programs
Polar ZoneOptimizer - personalized sport zones
Distance based interval
Distance - training, lap, trip and total
Race Pace allows you to set a target speed/pace for a certain distance
Running Index is based on heart rate and speed data measured during the run
Speed/Pace - current, average and maximum
Speed/Pace-based target zones with visual and audible alarm
SpeedPointer feature tells you your speed within set speed limits

In the Box

Polar RCX5 training computer
Polar WearLink(R)+ Hybrid transmitter
Polar G5 GPS sensor
Polar DataLink data transfer unit
RCX5 Getting Started Guide
G5 GPS sensor User Manual