Sony BCT-40SR HDCAM SR Cassette (pack 10 pcs)

by Sony
Sony BCT-40SR HDCAM SR Cassette (pack 10 pcs)
Sony HDCAM SR digital cassettes are designed to maximize recordings in HDCAM SR professional digital videotape recorders. HDCAM Sr is quickly becoming the standard for High Definition major motion picture production.


Use of metal particles 50% smaller than in HDCAM and other manufacturing innovations allow these cassettes to capture recording wavelength to 0.29um and represent the highest performance metal particle tape in the broadcast family. Recording length of up to 50 minutes for the small-size cassette, and 155 minutes for the large-size cassette in 24P mode.

Designed with HDCAM SR VTRs to optimize recordings
The most advanced metal particle tape in Sony's 1/2" broadcast family of professional tape products
Metal particles 50% smaller than HDCAM tape with improved magnetic characteristics yielding:
2X the output (6-7dB) and 2.7X the recording density of HDCAM tape
3.3X the density of D5-HD tape
Tele-File label with IC memory built on cassette to capture content metadata
Specially designed locking album case with improved tape protection characteristics


Length: 40 Minutes in 60i / 50 Minutes in 24P (varies with recorder frame rate selection)