Photoflex UM-RUT30 30-inch White Convertible Umbrella

Photoflex UM-RUT30 30-inch White Convertible Umbrella
The Photoflex 30" convertible umbrella is a versatile photographic umbrellas. The umbrella's ribs and strut pivots are made from a fiberglass composite, which offers better resiliency and durability than steel or aluminum.

This design allows for almost carefree handling, all but eliminating damage caused from over bending delicate steel tube ribs. The umbrella center pole is extruded and closed off at the base (vs. folded, hollow tubes, like many other umbrellas, that are easily bent and dented) adding to the durability of the Photoflex umbrella model.

The Photoflex 30" White Convertible Umbrella converts from a bounce umbrella to a "shoot through" umbrella, which produces soft light. Get the best of both shooting styles in one umbrella. It can be used for strobe or hot lights.

This size is perfect for a 1 person head shot, or 3x4 ft product setup.
Fabrics are color balanced to all Photoflex soft boxes, panels and discs.