Fujifilm D5001-124L D-5 Format Digital Cassette (pack 5 pcs)

Fujifilm D5001-124L D-5 Format Digital Cassette (pack 5 pcs)
Fuji 124 Minute D-5 Videotape


Fuji D5 videotapes are ideal for uncompressed digital recording. Ultra-fine, high-output metal magnetic particles and superior calendering technology make the surface of the tape mirror smooth. Low error rates, minimal noise, and excellent head contact result from the magnetic particles and Fuji calendering. A high C/N ratio is the ultimate outcome.

Fuji's D5 tape uses a new high-adhesion binder material. This assures outstanding reliability and minimal head clogging. The M63 and L124 tapes have an added PEN (polyethylene and naphthalate) base film that is resistant to scratching and deformation. Advanced backcoating material makes for stable transport by keeping the friction minimal, even under demanding conditions.

Advanced coatings on the tape make long term storage an excellent option. The metal magnetic particles are coated with an antioxidant to ensure better magnetic performance and high output after long term storage. Fuji tapes also offer a high quality base material that prevents tape shrinkage.

High quality tape shells are made to withstand undesirable conditions. The cassette shell keeps the tape protected, thus keeping the transport stable. The tape is protected from deformation and damage and it also has a low error rate. All that is possible because Fuji makes a high quality cassette shell. Each cassette also has two sliding plugs used to individually protect the control and video signals from erasure.


D-3 Run Time: 248 Minutes
Tape Size: Large Cassette
D-5 Run Time: 124 Minutes