Ansso LightPad PG-5DT Pro Gaffer 10pcs Kit

by Ansso
Ansso LightPad PG-5DT Pro Gaffer 10pcs Kit
Including ten LightPad a wide range of accessories, the Pro Gaffer's kit gives you a versatile and extensive set of lighting tools.

1x Lightpad HO+ 12x12 (Daylight 5600K)
1x LightPad HO+ 6x12 (Daylight 5600K)
1x LightPad HO+ 3x12 (Daylight 5600K)
1x LightPad HO+ 6x6 (Daylight 5600K)
1x LightPad HO+ 3x6 (Daylight 5600K)
1x Lightpad HO+ 12x12 (Tungsten 3200K)
1x LightPad HO+ 6x12 (Tungsten 3200K)
1x LightPad HO+ 3x12 (Tungsten 3200K)
1x LightPad HO+ 6x6 (Tungsten 3200K)
1x LightPad HO+ 3x6 (Tungsten 3200K)
4x LP-MB12 Mounting Bracket
6x LP-MB6 Mounting Bracket
4x LP-SA2 8" Swivel Arm
6x 3A Transformer for LightPad
2x LP-E12x12 Eggcrate for LightPad 12x12
2x LP-E6x12 Eggcrate for LightPad 6x12
2x LP-E3x12 Eggcrate for LightPad 3x12
2x LP-E6x6 Eggcrate for LightPad 6x6
2x LP-E3x6 Eggcrate for LightPad 3x6
10x Extension Cable for LightPad
5x Y-Cable for LightPad
2x 4Y-Cable for LightPad
1x LP-XLR XLR Four Pin Adapter Cable for LightPad
1x B type Adapter for LightPad
1x Car Adapter for LightPad
With Air case(with trolley) packing


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