UNI-T UT90D Digital Multimeter

by UNI-T
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UNI-T UT90D Digital Multimeter
The measuring value display of the multimeter comprises 4000 counts (count = smallest display value).
The measuring device can be used for do-it-yourself or for professional applications.
For better readability, can also be mounted with the clip on the rear.
The mA current section shows an absolute novelty.
With this measuring device, it is no longer necessary to replace an accidentally triggered mA fuse. The installed PTC fuse resets automatically after tripping.


Power : 9V Battery (6F22)
LCD Size : 60 x 54mm (2.3 x 2.1 in)
Color : Red And Grey
Weight : 340g (11.9 oz)
Dimensions : 179 x 88 x 39mm (7.0 x 3.4 x 1.5 in)


In the Box

Test lead
Operating Manual