Pintek DP-15K Differential Probe 35MHz 15kV

by Pintek
Pintek DP-15K Differential Probe 35MHz 15kV
15KVp-p, High Voltage Model
Input Impedance 50M Ohm//1.3PF
x100, x1000 Attenuator, Easy to Convert
Separating Design (Standard No.114205)
Convenient and Durable


DP-15K is a 100mV high sensitivity and able to measure 15KVp-p high voltage and high dynamic range model.

Bandwidth is able to reach 35MHz. DP-15K is an upgraded model of DP-14K. The sensitivity is 2 times of DP-14K. The maximum measuring voltage is 1KV higher than DP-25 (1300Vp-p)

Input impedance is 50M ohm, loading effect is even smaller (DP-25 is 4M ohm). It is suitable for measuring high impedance circuit and green power saving circuit.

All ranges are using 10 multiple calculation, easy calculation. It is able to reset the attenuation at oscilloscope readout menu. It is very convenient.

Detachable design, patent no. 114205. It is handy and convenient to use.

Full accessories, including adaptor. Discard unrecyclable batteries.

Input and output are fully isolated design. No matter how large is the input current, the output voltage is still under +/- 8V. This is very safe.

When voltage is over range, the red LED will light no. This is reminding users to increase attenuation or stop measuring.

Internal voltage stabilizer system is from DC 6V ~ DC 12V. When input current is lower than 6V, the green LED will come off.


In the Box

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Pintek BP-366 Banana to Banana High Voltage Cable (set 2 pcs)
Pintek BP-276N Alligator Clip (set 2 pcs)
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Power Adaptor
Operation Manual


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