Datavideo RMC-200 Remote Control

Datavideo RMC-200 Remote Control
Datavideo's RMC-200 is a multifunctional controller to remote control camera, TLM-430 Look Back monitor & DN-60A Compact Flash card recorder.

The RMC-200 controls the cameras Record / Pause, Zoom control.

The RMC-200 can also control recording on a Datavideo DN-60A CF Card recorder, simplifying the operation for the cameraman to focus on shooting.


Controls Camcorder Pause / Record + Record on Datavideo DN-60A Recorder
Zoom Control with variable speed
Controls switch to return feed input on Datavideo TLM-430 Look Back Monitor
Mounts on to Tripod Arm
Supports Sony LANC Control - suitable for many Panasonic, Canon & Sony Camcorders