VideoSolutions Silver 10 Jib Arm + Pedestal

VideoSolutions Silver 10 Jib Arm + Pedestal
The VideoSolutions Silver 10 Jib Arm is designed for using outdoor and in studios, for virtually all types of cameras, professional camcorders and handheld camcorders.

The arm has a maximum reach of 10 meters (32ft) and it can be reduced to 8.5 m (28 ft), 7 m (23 ft) or 5.5 m (18 ft).

The crane provides free and smooth vertical and horizontal movements, it will self-level.

Suspension lateral and top cables remove sagging, fluctuations and strengthen the jib. A special mechanism allows to tighten all cables simultaneously.

Set up takes only 20 minutes. The crane arrives complete with a strong 4-wheel dolly and pedestal.


Arm Length : 8 m (26 ft)
Total Length (from the counterbalance to camera head) : 10 m (32 ft)
Maximum Camera Height : 7 m (23 ft)
Maximum Camera Weight : 30 kg (66 lbs)
Weight without Counterbalance : 25 kg (55 lbs)
Maximum Counterbalance Weight : 150 kg (330 lbs)
Head Attachment : 100 mm Fluid Ball or Hemisphere Head
Materials : Aluminium, Steel, Phtoroplast
Personnel : 2 (including a cameraman)

In the Box

Jib Arm
VSP-P Studio Pedestal
4-wheel Dolly

Counterbalance Weights are not included


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