Pintek HVC-804 DC High Voltage High Impedance Meter

by Pintek
Pintek HVC-804 DC High Voltage High Impedance Meter
Bench Type high voltage meter, HVC-804 has high input impedance (10G Ohm), and high resolution reading (0.0001KV). Comes with special design with test leader. The operation is easy and safe.

HVC-804 provides 10GOhm high input impedance on the direct measurement to minimize the loading effect. So that, it is able to show you the actual voltage on measuring circuit. Meanwhile, it also minimizes the errors applied to the test circuit. For instance to measure high voltage on CRT, it will not lose its focus unexpected image enlarge, the brightness change or other unwanted.

It has 3 steps voltage selectors. The users can select 2KV, 20 KV and 40 KV for different application and resolution. Especially added HVP-40 high voltage probe input function. This is able to give HVC-
804 display automatically calculate correct values.


Max. Input Voltage : DC only. 0~40KV
Voltage Selector : 3 steps: 40KV/20KV/2KV
Input Impedance : 10G Ohm(Full Range)
Display : 4 1/2 digital, 0.36" Red LED
Accuracy : +/-0.5% +/-2 digital
Max. Display Voltage : +/-40.00KV
Temperature Coefficient : ~100 PPM/oC

Resolution :
40KV Range 0.01KV(10V)
20KV Range 0.001KV(1V)
2KV Range 0.0001KV(0.1V)

Test Lead
Voltage Insulation : 40KVDC
Length : about 2M
Wire : E35688 UL AWM, 3239/105oC/50KV, DC VW- 1/22AWG

Earth Clip : 3.5mm Extra durable, 0.12mm x 64 cu plate with Tin 90cmlong.
HVP-40 input function : Input impedance M gives readout value match to 1000:1 value

Power Source : AC 115V/230V+/-10%; 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 25W

Fuse :
110~120V 50/60Hz 600mA
220~240V 50/60Hz 300mA

Limits of Operation : 0~40oC; 0~80%RH
Storage Environment : -20~60oC; 0~90%
Dimension and Weight : 270 x 95 x 310 mm; 3.2kg