Takstar DA-180 Wireless Portable Amplifier

by Takstar
Takstar DA-180 Wireless Portable Amplifier
Ideal for coaching, tour guiding and presentation.


Excellent sound quality, high power and effective feedback control.
Unique hardware protection circuit, speaker not easily broken.
Broadband sound quality speakers, sound quality improved significantly.
Integrated electro-acoustic technology applications, showing excellent sound and whistle suppression.
Advanced circuit for minimum power consumption.


Receiver and Speaker System
Operating Frequency : 220MHz-270MHz
Mute Controls : Audio Noise Auto Locking
Frequency Offset : +/- 18kHz
Frequency Response : 125Hz-12.5kHz
SNR : ≧80dB
Distortion : ~0.5%
Output Power : 5W (MAX.)
Input Signals : Microphone x 1; Wireless Microphone x 1
Microphone : Condenser, Single point
Battery : DC 1.2V x 6 800mAh
Charger : AC220V DC12V/300mA
Battery Usage Time : 2 -5 Hours
Duration of Charging : 8-11 Hours
Transmission Distance : 20m
Speaker : 4 Ohm/5W

Frequency Stability: +/- 0.005%
Transmit Power : 10 mW
Harmonic Interference Ratio : ≧60dB
Power Supply Battery : 9V Battery
Current Consumption : 35mA

In the Box

Head Microphone
Collar Clip Microphone
Power Adapter
6 x Rechargeable AA Batteries


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